Into the Mists

Into the Mists

Round 5 of the Summer Tournament took place on Thursday night and was in anything but Summer weather!

With a bit of sensible modification of marks for weather and lack of visibility a great evening was had and those who made the trip into the murk have the points to show for it!


Why not take a look at previous results and the current tournament standings here.

Second Round of the Summer Tournament

The First round of the Summer Tournament was a great success. If you haven’t seen the results yet you can see the announcement and results here. Don’t forget the second round of the Summer Tournament will be a 3D Animal Shoot on Sunday 6th May with the course having at least 24 animals set out. Please spread the word and we look forward to another great turnout of Margam Archers. First arrows will be at 11:00 am.

We are always looking for member able to help set out the course, if you’re able please be in the Park for 9am.

Why not take a look at previous results and the current tournament standings here.

A Great start to the Summer Tournament

Seventeen archers took the field for the first of our Summer Tournament events. A great turnout and a great start.

A big thanks to Kevin and Andy for arranging the shoot and also to John Luty for being Line Captain – I think he might be getting fond of that whistle!

We all had a great time, the weather was good and shooting is always better with good company. Although not part of the shoot itself, we all went up the stoop and tried our best, Mike Davies getting the honours of closest to the Old Stump! Mike must have been on buoyed by his sucess on the Stoop as he went on to win the day!

You can see the full results here.

Why not have a  a look in the forum, Kevin has posted a summary of the day.

Well Done Everyone!

Roving Marks – Ice Shoot

The Roving Marks arranged by Andy Gash and Kevin Rattenbury was a great success!

The weather and the shoot were definitely memorable! Despite ground so hard the arrows wouldn’t always penetrate there were remarkable few broken arrows – Nell, Kevin said he is sorry!

John Rawles took the honours on the day, well done John!